What are we looking for?

We can detect plaque, which is made of cholesterol, fatty substances, calcium and fibrin. The thickening of the artery walls due to inflammation of this material is called Atherosclerosis. 

The dangers of plaque 

Constriction of blood flow is a concern, but inflammation in the artery wall causes plaque to rupture.  This rupture stimulates formation of a blood clot that occludes flow.  The result:  Heart attack and Stroke. 

athero prog.jpg

What can be done

Our goal once we find disease in the arteries is to find the root causes so we can take measures to stop and reverse the disease. The goal is to heal the unstable plaque and prevent more plaque from forming.  We manage the issues that are causing inflammation in the vessel walls. 

Find Disease Early

The key to prevention is finding out early if you have arterial disease so that you can stop it before you have a heart attack or stroke. Our goal is to find disease in the early stages so we can fix the root causes before any major damage is done. Even if you have had a heart attack or stroke fixing the underlying cause will prevent another event in the future. Find out if you are at risk with our Healthy Heart Screen