One size doesn’t fit all. 

That is true with the approach to arterial disease reversal and prevention of its deadly consequences.  The Bale Doneen Method is more successful because it is personalized for each individual.

Assessment can also be personalized to each individual’s needs, based on severity of known disease, risk of development of future disease, and available resources.

We offer 3 general levels of initial assessment:

·       Detect Chronic Disease Screen

·       Basic Bale Doneen Assessment

·       Comprehensive Bale Doneen Assessment.

Our Detect Chronic Disease Screen is a low cost, more meaningful alternative to other ways of screening for arterial disease, like stress tests and the Lifeline Screening program.  Screening tests are not covered by Medicare or insurance programs, so we make it affordable for everyone.

For $100 and 30 minutes of your time, we

·       Identify atherosclerotic plaque with carotid ultrasound

·       Identify insulin resistance with body composition analysis

·       Screen for atrial fibrillation with a 1 lead EKG

·       Assess risk for chronic disease based on a brief questionnaire

The Basic Bale Doneen Assessment provides a cost effective first look for those who are at risk for disease at a reasonable cost of $1000.  It includes

·       Carotid Intima Media Thickness ultrasound

o   Arterial Age

o   Atherosclerotic Plaque Type and Burden

·       Labs

o   Lipids, including advanced lipid testing

o   Inflammation testing beyond CRP (LpPLA2, Myeloperoxidase)

o   Vitamin D

o   HbA1c

·       Body Composition

·       Consultation to review findings and offer a plan for further, individualized assessment and treatment

The Comprehensive Bale Doneen Assessment is for those who have had an arterial disease related event (Heart Attack, Stroke, or related interventions) or higher risk or concern;  Its cost of $3000 can save far more by preventing far more costly events.  It includes:

·       The Basic Bale Doneen Assessment Components

·       Genetic testing

o   Haptoglobin genotype

o   KIF6

o   ApoE

o   Oral DNA Periopath

·       Additional inflammation testing and screening for ischemia, heart failure and sleep apnea

·       More extensive consultation and counseling

Once the evaluation is finished, an ongoing treatment plan is offered as part of an affordable, inclusive payment plan.  This Comprehensive Assessment enables us to offer a refund of future ongoing management fees.

Ongoing Management is offered based on a Membership model.  An annual fee covers periodic

  • Labs
  • Body Composition Analysis and Monitorin
  • Consultations in person or online

Insurance and Medicare

·       Medicare is billed for your services on a fee for service basis

·       Insurance claims are submitted on your behalf

·       Receipts from insurance are paid to you, offsetting some of the cost of the assessment package.  The amount varies depending on plan policies for coverage, deductible status and copayments due.