Do You Have the Heart Attack Gene?

Genetics plays a significant role in whether you will have a heart attack or stroke. We cannot yet alter our genetics, but knowing them may help us take steps to limit their effects. 

Genetic testing is becoming more available and affordable. And because it only needs to be done once, it can actually be quite cost effective.

Some genes, like the 9p21 gene, simply tell us who is at higher risk. With this knowledge we can tailor your care to decrease the odds of you having a heart attack.

Other genes, like the ApoE genotype, indicate higher risk as well, but suggest that optimal diet may lower that risk. The KIF-6 genotype guides the choice of optimal medications for management.

There are other genes that determine how you metabolize medications. This can be important if you are on multiple medications that can interact with one another or require metabolism for elimination or activation.

Knowing your genetics allows The Center for Prevention to individualize your care to lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.