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Health is Wealth!

Healthy Team and Clients = Healthy Business and Bottom Lines

 Chronic disease, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, can kill your bottom line!  It steals health and wealth. 

If you, a key member of your team or a valued client dies or becomes disabled by a heart attack or stroke, it will have a devastating effect on your company and those it serves.  Chronic disease like diabetes can be even more costly, especially medications and ongoing care for complications.

If you knew a piece of equipment was at risk of failure, you would want to find the problem as soon as possible and avoid the cost of catastrophic failure. If your portfolio depended on the performance of a key investment, you would make adjustments to improve the performance and avoid losses. Our approach to health should be the same.

If we can identify a threat early, we should. If we can correct it, we would.

The Center for Prevention can reverse diabetes and prediabetes, prevent heart attack and stroke and improve your team and clients’ health while reducing costs for medications, doctor visits, hospitalization and absenteeism.

Healthy clients grow your business. Healthy team members support more wins!

Curable Chronic Disease leads to losses that can be avoided.

We reduced the cost of medication alone for a man with Type 2 Diabetes by nearly $15,000 per year (based on average retail pricing) by losing fat and getting off 2 blood pressure medications, 2 diabetes medications and insulin.  He is feeling better and stronger than ever with normal blood glucose and blood pressure in spite of his known heart disease.  

The Center for Prevention can help your team and clients avoid major complications and promote a healthier, happier,  more productive and stable team and client portfolio.  

The Center for Prevention offers a more innovative, cost effective, and efficient approach to workforce and client wellness by reversing and curing chronic disease.  The key is to Measure, Motivate, Measure again to Maintain Momentum.  We call this approach the M&M's.  In order to improve anything, it must be measured.

The Process

Our Chronic Disease Screen detects diabetes, prediabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation and arterial disease, the most common killers of people and wealth.

This process can occur on site at your business to reduce the time away from the workplace or at our office. The screening is non invasive and there is no blood work.  Results are shared on the spot.

When chronic disease is detected, further testing is offered to Measure Disease and  Identify Root Causes. We can recommend an optimal course of action to reverse diabetes, prediabetes and arterial disease. 

Treat and Measure Reversal- Upon request, we offer a personalized plan based on our findings that fits the specific needs of the team member or client. We offer ongoing mentoring and monitoring for improvement. Our goal is to cure chronic disease.

Services are customized depending on need and budget.

Team members and clients may choose to work with us individually to augment their care and improve their health while maintaining their primary care and other physician relationships.

Everyone wins when health and wealth grow!