Healthy Business Prevention Program: Healthy Employees = Good Business

What would happen if you or a key member of your company’s team dies or becomes disabled by a heart attack or stroke?

What would that cost your company?  How would it affect your bottom line?

If you have had an event or had someone close to you go through a heart attack or stroke then you know the high cost, not just financially but the emotional and mental cost. Hospitalization and recovery time disrupt not just the employee's life but their absence has an impact on the health of the organization they work for. The Center for Prevention can help you and your company prevent heart attack and stroke and improve your team’s health.

Preventative measures not only provide benefit through the avoidance of major complications but also provides a healthier and happier workforce. This allows for emplyees to be more productive on the job and build a healthy community within the workforce. 


What is the process? 

Healthy Heart Screen- The first step is to identify who in the organization has health issues that need to be addressed. We do this with our Healthy Heart Screen to check for signs of disease and evaluate risk factors that could contribute to issues in the future. This process can be done on site to reduce the time away from the office. The screening is non invasive and there is no blood work. 

Identifying the cause of the disease- For the individuals for whom disease is detected, further testing is offered to find the root cause of their disease and recommend an optimal course of action to avoid a heart attack or stroke. 

Prevention and Ongoing Care- We offer a personalized plan based on our findings. Each person is offered a plan that fits their specific needs. We offer ongoing care and monitor for improvement. 

How are the services structured?

We scale the services offered depending on the level of need and budget desired. The employer has the option to provide screening only, or support ongoing management with incentives to support healthy changes.  Employees are welcome to work with us individually, utilizing benefits they already pay for to support our efforts to improve their health and productivity.