Lifeline Screening:  Bring Your Report for a Review

We offer free review of the results of your Lifeline Screening.  Call 217-321-1987 to make an appointment. 

Lifeline is a service that provides screening for arterial disease and other conditions.  They provide this screening through events hosted by organizations, often churches, in many communities.  The focus is on finding obstructing, late stage arterial disease. 

Findings are provided to you to share with your doctor.  Most doctors will not act upon these findings.  We do. 

Under the Lifeline program, if you have advanced disease, you will be offered services by providers with whom they partner to address that late stage disease.  Lifeline offers no added plan for the stabilization or reversal of early stage arterial disease beyond your current care. 

We overcome this weakness in the Lifeline Screening program. 

We believe it is unwise to ignore early disease, waiting for it to progress before intervening.  Heart attacks and strokes are commonly caused by arterial disease that would be considered mild to moderate moments before an event.

For this reason, we are pleased to be collaborating with DVT Imaging ( for employer based and fundraising events. Contact them if you are considering a Lifeline event for you company or organization.

You may die or become disabled before you qualify for a Lifeline referral.  The expense of late stage intervention far exceeds the cost of our prevention program. 

When seconds count the ambulance will be here in minutes.  Choose Prevention!  Reverse Chronic Disease!