Group Meetings and Services

Outreach to our community is an essential component of the mission of The Center for Prevention.  Often, the first step to health is a conversation. It could be more information or just the reassurance that something can be done that opens the path to prevention. We welcome you to have that conversation with us at The Center for Prevention. 


Small Group Sessions 

Are you concerned about family or friends that would sit down to talk about what can be done to prevent a heart attack or stroke?  They may feel more comfortable having that conversation with a group. We are happy to sit down with a small group of people to discuss answers to your questions.  Then we can discuss how we can help. 

Company and Organization Talks

If you have health initiatives in your organization, we would appreciate the chance to take part in having a positive impact and providing information to your group. If you are interested in having a presentation made to a larger group about the impact that we could have on their health as an individual and as a whole please contacnt us to see how we can be a part of your team. 



Workplace Screening

The Center for Prevention offers our Healthy Heart Screening process to employers who are looking to give measurable results to their employees. This allows us to give a baseline measurement to evaluate the health risks present within each individual to create a personalized prevention plan. The screening process helps us guide what preventative measures can be taken and who would need further testing.