Did you know that arterial disease is reversible? 

Plaque in your artery wall can be stabilized and healed so that it is no longer a threat to cause a catastrophic event.

This isn't about stents or surgery to open blocked arteries.  It is about eating real food that isn’t inflammatory, exercising to reduce inflammation and build fat burning muscle.  Then use medicine when it will help to reverse damage to arteries can make arteries healthier again. 

Here are real examples showing the effectiveness of the Bale Doneen Method.  Whatever the root cause being addressed, we expect to make your arteries healthier.  And healthier arteries mean a healthier you. 


Improvement from Genetic Based Prescribing 

Improvement  Genetic based prescribing.jpg

Improvement from Insulin Resistance focus and treatment 

Improvement Insulin Resistance Focus.jpg

Improvement from change in diet and exercise 

Diet and Exercise.jpg

Improvement from lifestyle changes and medication 

Approximately 6 months after removing refined carbohydrates from the diet and convincing him to take a low dose statin 3 times weekly arterial age has dropped 16 years and plaque is stabilized.

cimt 1.png