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What is the Bale Doneen Method™?

The Center for Prevention uses the Bale Doneen Method to reverse arterial disease. It empowers the latest scientific research, testing and treatment to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease and prevent death and disability. Dr. Bradley Bale (a family physician) and Amy Doneen (a doctor of  nursing practice) wrote the book Beat the Heart Attack Gene.  Their goal is to eradicate heart attack and stroke as the Number #1 killer by 2020. They educate medical and dental professionals who wish to learn and implement their Method™.

There are 6 principles of the Bale Doneen Method™

  • Education – Understand what really causes heart attack and strokes.
  • Disease – Identify disease rather than estimating risk.
  • Fire – Evaluate for and treat inflammation in the arteries and address the sources in the body, including gum disease.
  • Root Causes – Understand that high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking and diabetes are not the only causes of atherosclerosis that should be addressed to achieve our goal.
  • Optimal – Don’t settle for standard care, the equivalent of a C in a class. Shoot for the A+ by individualized assessment and Personalized Care.
  • Genetics – Increasingly available and more affordable genetic testing can make the difference between Guessing vs Knowing what treatment fits you best.

By following these 6 principles, we provide measurable improvement in arterial health.