Interview with David Heaps - Dr Backs sits down with David Heaps, a patient of The Center for Prevention, to talk about his personal and professional experinece with heart disease and why he became a patient. 

BaleDoneen Method Videos - This link takes you to the youtube channel for BaleDoneen giving an in depth look at what this prevention movement is all about. 

BaleDoneen Method Experts Discuss President Trump and the Deadly Myth of "Nonclinical" Heart Disease - Press release from Brad Bale and Amy Doneen with Dr Backs talking about the level of care that the president is not getting from the medical staff around him. 

CrossFit Podcast - The video of the podcast that Dr Backs and Coach Mike did while they were in California at CrossFit HQ to meet with the team there. 

Are Your Arteries Healthy? - Craig A. Backs, MD, from the Center for Prevention Heart Attack and Stroke presents at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation on February 1, 2016.

Dr. Backs to the Future: Changing Health Care - Crossfit's video about Dr Backs personal journey towards health and the future of patient care. 

The Fast Way to Health and Weight Loss - Article by Peter Glatz about the intermittent fasting group from Crossfit Instinct that we are working with to get rid of visceral fat. 

Live to 100, Die On Your Feet - Article by Crossfit about Coach Mike Suhadolnik and Crossfit Instinct's Longevity program 

Springfield doctor promotes method to intervene in heart disease- State Journal Register article about Dr Backs bringing the Bale Doneen Method to the Springfield area. 

Our Healthy Heart Screen with Janet Cook from Vivacious Wellness Personal Coaching - Janet's video going through our Healthy Heart Screen that we use to identify people who have or are at risk for arterial disease.