Dr. Backs

Craig A. Backs, MD
Executive Medical Director

Dr. Backs is an experienced specialist in Internal Medicine, also known as an “Internist.”  Internists care for adults (high school to geriatrics) and are best known for diagnostic skills and management of acute and chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other conditions that respond to lifestyle change and medicines.

“I thought I was doing my best by treating lipids, blood pressure and getting patients to stop smoking. Encouraging my patients to lose weight and exercise seemed futile, maybe because I wasn’t such a good example until a few years ago.”

“My own personal health went through a dramatic makeover starting in May of 2012. I now provide a more credible example for my patients, and I am able to understand the challenges they face in achieving a healthier lifestyle.”

Heart attack and stroke kill more Americans than any other illness, despite the attention we give to high blood pressure, cholesterol and taking an aspirin daily.  Our current standard approach still results in an alarmingly high failure rate!  The saddest scenario is a heart attack or stroke when an individual dies or becomes disabled suddenly in the prime of  life because they were unaware of their disease, leaving family, friends and their businesses unprepared for their death or disabilty and its aftermath.  

Chronic Diseases (Diabetes, Obesity, Arterial Disease, Hypertension, Dementia and many Cancers) are robbing us of much productivity and threaten to bankrupt our society.  The only sustainable solution is prevention and reversal. Our goal is to Cure our patients of these chronic killers by creating a resilient reversal.

With the development of the CureCoach Platform, we will connect patients to their doctor, dentist and other proactive professionals to enable a Cure for their chronic diseases.

It’s time to change the status quo.  New research into the causes of heart attack and stroke have pointed the way to new and more effective means of reversing chronic disease. 

Choose Cure!