Body Composition Analysis

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Go Beyond the Scale!

We offer BioImpedance Analysis using the InBody 570.  It is a Game Changer for our patients who want be healthier!   To see the process, watch this video:


Knowing what you are made of (lean muscle mass, body fat mass, percentage body fat, hydration and visceral fat estimation among others) you will be able to understand more completely the effects of the changes you make in your nutrition and exercise. 

Results over time are reported and pushed to a smart phone application to allow you to monitor your progress. 

It is surprisingly convenient and affordable.  Call for details to schedule your body composition analysis.

The results can show the real progress that you are making with positive life changes and keep on track to reach your health goals. See below for an example of a patient who rapidly turned her health around.  

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Another useful tool is the InBody Band, the fitness tracker that links with your body composition results. The band syncs with your account and allows more data to be provided tracking your sleep and activity. The band is a great way to keep you on track for the goals you are trying to acheive.