Medtronic iPro2 Continuous Glucose Monitoring 


At The Center for Prevention we understand that dealing with diabetes is an ongoing struggle that comes with a wide range of issues. 

  • Trying to reach A1C goals

  • Experiencing low blood sugar

  • Not being able to control highs after eating

  • Wondering how food is affecting your blood glucose

  • Struggling to find the right medication and dosage

We offer Professional Continuous Glucose monitoring for our patients with Type 2 Diabetes and prediabetes. 

The additional insights from these reports are making a real difference in our management of our patients with insulin resistance.  We learn the impact of everyday decisions about diet and exercise.  We gain insights into the effects of medication changes.

This is a very powerful tool to optimally manage and control insulin resistance, one of the most common root causes for arterial disease.

Sample first page of the report

Sample first page of the report

For those with diabetes, insurance will typically cover the service.  For those with insulin resistance or prediabetes, the out of pocket cost is manageable and can result in avoidance of other costs, including complications and medication that can potentially be avoided if we can connect eating behavior and activity to blood glucose results. “