If you have survived a heart attack or stroke and don’t want to relive that experience again (or for the first time), this deeper dive will be worth every penny.


The Center for Prevention Cure Chronic Disease Comprehensive Assessment is designed for those who have had a Heart Attack, Stroke, or related interventions or a higher risk concern;  Its cost of $4000 can save far more by preventing far more costly events.  It includes:

·       The Core Assessment Components PLUS

·       Genetic testing to enable personalization of care and the application of Precision Prescribing

o   Haptoglobin genotype

o   KIF6

o   ApoE

o   Oral DNA Periopath

·       Additional inflammation testing and screening for ischemia, heart failure and sleep apnea

·       More comprehensive consultation and counseling

  • Followup labs and review in 3 months

  • Followup CIMT, labs and review in 6 months

  • InBody measurement at intervals as recommended

  • Cost: Fee for Service or a bundled option with a $4000 maximum out of pocket offset by 3rd party payment for covered services (estimated 25-50% of costs covered by insurance. Personal cost is far less than the personal cost of a heart attack or stroke or uncontrolled chronic disease

Payment of at least 50% of the fee is requested at the time services are scheduled to encourage completion of the entire planned assessment and followup.

Once the evaluation is finished, an ongoing treatment plan is offered as part of an affordable, bundled payment plan.