Core Assessment


The Center for Prevention Cure Chronic Disease Core Assessment

The Core Assessment provides a cost effective assessment for those who are at moderate risk for chronic arterial disease.  It includes

·       Carotid Intima Media Thickness ultrasound

o   Arterial Age

o   Atherosclerotic Plaque Type and Burden

·       Labs

o   Lipids, including advanced lipid testing

o   Inflammation testing beyond CRP (LpPLA2, Myeloperoxidase)

o   Vitamin D

o   HbA1c

·       Body Composition Analysis (InBody 570)

·       Consultation to review findings and offer a plan for further, individualized assessment and treatment

  • Followup with labs and review in 3 months

Payment of at least 50% of the fee is requested at the time services are scheduled to encourage completion of the entire planned assessment and followup.

Once the evaluation is finished, an ongoing treatment plan is offered as part of an affordable, bundled payment plan.