The Doc and the Box: Reverse and Cure Chronic Disease

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It all started when Mike Suhadolnik, a Crossfit trainer in his late 60's, had a vision that he called Doctors Get Fit.  His challenge to me was "Why don't you doctors take better care of yourselves!"

Our collaboration is the leading example of the elegant solution to the epidemic of chronic disease.  We are proud to be executing the Crossfit vision for health.   Together, we are Forging Optimal Health.  We are Curing Chronic Disease.

I was fat and he made me fit.  I learned to eat real food and personally experienced "constantly varied functional movement with high intensity."  I lost 65 pounds, achieved the best fitness of my lifetime and became an authentic and inspiring example for my patients. 

I reoriented my practice from reactive to proactive, from traditional mainstream to leading edge prevention and Resilient Reversal of Chronic Disease with the goal to CURE the disease.  My practice became The Center for Prevention.  

The Center for Prevention/Crossfit Instinct Longevity collaboration reverses arterial and other chronic disease caused by interaction between genes and lifestyle choices.  My chronic disease has been inactive for 5 years.  If my diagnosis was cancer, a 5 year survival free of disease would be called a CURE.  Why should we not think of diabetes, prediabetes, heart disease, obesity and other chronic diseases in the very same way?

With the introduction of Time Restricted Feeding, the Fasters movement was born. Fasters receive a daily motivational message by email and attend monthly meetings where they give and receive inspiration. Results are measured and celebrated using the InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis.  

Individuals partake of 1, 2 or all 3 of these elements.  The deeper the commitment, the more inspiring the results.  The combined effects are not just additive.  They are synergistic.  

Mike learned from my example to grow Crossfit Instinct Longevity, applying the Sport of Fitness to  Forge Optimal Health.  The Center for Prevention is Measuring disease, Motivating action, and Measuring/Monitoring results to Maintain Momentum.  We teach each other every day.  

Now it is time to learn from our example. 

The following video discusses our experience as we prepared to attend the Crossfit Health Conference a month ago.  



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