Over 2,000 Americans die each day from heart attacks and stroke – one out of every 3 deaths or one every 40 seconds.

Six of every ten Americans who have suffered a heart attack never knew they had cardiovascular disease.

The Center for Prevention Heart Attack and Stroke is dedicated to early and effective intervention to prevent the greatest killer of  men and women – cardiovascular disease.

We utilize the latest scientific research, testing and treatment to eradicate the root causes of arterial disease. Our care is both innovative and individualized. We believe that heart attacks and strokes are not inevitable as we age. Our priority is prevention!

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We depend on our arteries to keep blood flowing throughout our body, including to all our organs and brain. That’s our laser focus at The Center for Prevention Heart Attack and Stroke.

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Insulin Resistance 


Catching insulin resistance can help you avoid major health problems down the road

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New tests enable the Center for Prevention Heart Attack and Stroke to provide more individualized and effective treatments.

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Take The Risk Assessment 

Find out what risk category you fall into related to heart attack and stroke risk

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The Center for Prevention Heart Attack and Stroke is located in Springfield, Illinois. Please call us at (217) 321-1987 if we can answer any questions or to make an appointment.

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Healthy Heart Screen


Learn more about our Health and Heart Screen program 

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We have gathered the latest news and information about the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease as well as interesting articles about adopting a healthier lifestyle.

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Group Meetings


We offer small and large group meetings for family and friends as well as companies and organizations. 

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