Center for Prevention Cure Chronic Disease Results

5 years and 700+ patients

o   Bale Doneen Method

o   Carbohydrate limitation

o   Time restricted feeding

o   Healthy microbiome

  • Functional Exercise with High Intensity and Heavy Resistance


o   Deaths from Heart Attack or Stroke

o   Heart Attacks

o   Strokes

o   Cardiac Rehab appointments

o   Stroke Rehab appointments

o   Coronary Bypass Operations

This is completely different from the results I delivered before I changed to proactive prevention for my patients. 

There will never be a placebo controlled double blind study to establish the effectiveness of this program.  This type of study is appropriate for single variable assessments but cannot be done for the management of complex comorbid conditions. 

I’m not trying to change my colleagues and profession. The payers, who are happy to have higher costs and a sicker population, are in control of the health care system.

I’m reaching out to those who can live longer and better lives if they know what they won’t be told by the doctors and other providers they trust to do their best.

The sad news: The sacrifice needed to do what is best for you, the patient, is too great for doctors and other providers and those who are now dependent on the payer driven “health care” system.