Center for Prevention Results

·       5 years and 700+ patients

o   At least 2 carotid intima media thickness ultrasounds (baseline and measure results of treatment) according to the

o   Bale Doneen Method

o   Carbohydrate limitation

o   Time restricted feeding

o   Healthy microbiome.

·       Zero

o   Deaths from Heart Attack or Stroke

o   Heart Attacks

o   Strokes

o   Cardiac Rehab appointments

o   Stroke Rehab appointments

o   Progression of dementia

o   Coronary Bypass Operations

·       1

o   Carotid endarterectomy operation to remove an ulcerated plaque causing a TIA

·       2

o   Stents for symptoms of ischemic heart disease

This compares very favorably to the results I delivered before I changed to proactive prevention for my patients.  And I doubt anyone can replicate these results in their current experience.

There will never be a placebo controlled double blind study to establish the effectiveness of this program.  This type of study is appropriate for single variable assessments but cannot be done for the management of complex comorbid conditions.  The skeptics will not be convinced.  But those with an open mind to all kinds of evidence improve their chance of living longer free of disability and enabled to be powerful and happy.