A Cure for Chronic Disease?

A little over a month ago, we attended the 2nd Annual Crossfit Health Conference in Madison, WI.  The conference was held in conjunction with the Crossfit Games and preceded the competition.  International authorities spoke of the problems with medicine (The Mess) and the opportunities to make the world better with more effective nutrition.

Prior to that event, we created a new brand for The Center for Prevention.  We have focused for the past 4 years on the prevention of Heart Attack and Stroke.  I’m proud of our results.  I’m more confident every day that we are saving and improving lives. 

But I came to the realization that our real effect is we Reverse Chronic Disease. 

We made T shirts with our new logo touting The Center for Prevention Reverse Chronic Disease.  That got attention, especially when we were able to share with the group at the end of Dr. Fung’s presentation that our implementation of his principles of Time Restricted Feeding and Intermittent Fasting had led to the documented loss of over 2500 pounds of fat over the past 12 months!

Since then our rolling 12 month accumulated fat loss has risen to over 4500 pounds of fat.  We now recognize that medications are no longer needed and the signs and measures of diabetes, arterial disease and obesity are reversing in a sustained and resilient way. 

The question then arose:  Are we CURING CHRONIC DISEASE?  Crossfit leadership, especially those involved in the Crossfit Health movement, had the audacity to introduce this idea.  Locally, my coach and collaborator, Mike Suhadolnik pushed the idea and told me we are curing chronic disease.  I learned of a Crossfit affiliate in Phoenix that put “We Cure Diabetes” on their sign marquee.  At first, I thought it was a bit too much to claim.  But they had the guts to say what they were seeing. 

Then I thought of my own case.  6 years ago, I was transformed through dramatic reduction in sugar, processed foods and simple carbohydrates.  In short, I learned the right way to eat.  I joined the Crossfit culture and became fit and healthier.  More than 5 years later, I remain free of those demons, including prediabetes, obesity and borderline hypertension. 

If my problem had been cancer and I had no evidence of that cancer 5 years later, I would be declared “CURED.”  So, our newest and enduring brand will be The Center for Prevention Cure Chronic Disease.

I was the first subject in this series of “N of 1” experiments.  We now have hundreds of such experiments, each with results that are remarkable in their own unique ways. 

Our mission now is to Cure Chronic Disease.  Not all will achieve a cure, but in that pursuit, we are stopping progression of chronic disease, most are showing measurable reversal, and many are sustaining this reversal over months and years. 

This “cure” language will be challenged by mainstream healthcare.  It sounds too good to be true.  If jobs, programs, grants, incomes and prestige depend on a steady stream of repeat business, the strategy is really to MANAGE chronic disease.  CURE dries up the pipeline.

We document our cures.  The advice is simple:  avoid sugar, processed food, and simple carbohydrates; restrict eating to a period of less than 8 hours daily, exercise with intermittent intensity; and build muscle as well as aerobic capacity.  Though simple, it is not easy.  We support it with measurement, accountability and community. 

We welcome questions, dialogue and challenges.  Visit our website:  http://www.thecenterforprevention.com/chronic-disease/. 

Email me at drbacks@thecenterforprevention.com or call 217-321-1987 to arrange an opportunity to share our program and results and answer your questions.