A Ton of Weight Lost, Literally!

What do a small car, a fully grown polar bear, and our patients have in common? A ton. No, an actual ton of weight. 

Our clients and patients who have been tested on our InBody 570 have lost a ton of fat.  Literally!  1911 pounds of fat measured as lost in the past year!  Lean Body Mass gain for the same period is 478 pounds!

I know what you are saying, a ton is 2,000 labs. But we know that our record is incomplete, that there are more of you out there who have lost fat but not been remeasured.  And maybe some who have dropped away from the program because you have lost the accountability of being measured. 

Improving your health is all about the M&M’s:

·       Measure

·       Motivate

·       Maintain Momentum by Measuring results

We are going keep setting big goals of making people healthier and improving their life. The people is this group are not super athletes with special abilities. These are normal people who have made the choice to live a healthier life through long lasting changes, not just the latest fad diet. Yes, it takes hard work. Yes, you will not be perfect. Yes, you will feel better. 

So how did they do it?

Getting measured with the Inbody

Changing what they eat

Fighting against insulin resistance

And taking advantage of health resources

So get up and start your journey to a better life.