Introducing the Healthy Business Prevention Program

How disruptive would it be to get a call informing you that a key member of your team was just taken to the hospital with a heart attack or stroke?  What if you learned they had died?  What if they were going to be disabled, requiring months of recovery and therapy? 

We know the devastation you would feel personally.  You care about your employees. 

But what would be the cost to your company?  How would these events affect your bottom line?

At The Center for Prevention Heart Attack and Stroke, we can recount many success stories involving our individual patients.  We know that preventing heart attack and stroke is far better than taking our chances on treatment after the fact.  Ask anyone who has had a heart attack or stroke if they would like to prevent the next one.  Or if they wish they could have avoided the consequences of their first event.

We believe that a prevention strategy has benefits that extend beyond the individual patient who is saved.  It can save your company a lot of money.

In individual patients treated in our Center for Prevention, we see weight loss, exercise, more energy, and a better outlook on life.  Evidence supports that the changes that improve arterial health also prevent other chronic diseases, including cancer.  All these are good for people, but they are also good for your company, and for all of these reasons we have decided to launch a new program designed to replace or supplement your traditional corporate wellness program.

It's healthy for business.  It's good business.  

For more information about our newly launched Healthy Business Prevention Program, please visit our website, or contact me.