Longevity and Fasters expanding to CrossFit Edwardsville

Over the weekend Dr Backs and Coach Mike had the opportunity to talk with a group at CrossFit Edwardsville about the Longevity program developed at CrossFit Instinct. The invite came from owners Greg and Caroline Skelly along with Coach Mark Donavon because they are going to be launching their own Longevity program for the Glen Carbon and Edwardsville area. 

The Longevity program is designed for people 55 and over with the understanding that there is no reason to have a decline in activity of physical function. This is a core idea of CrossFit, that the workouts are designed for everyone, and vary by degree not by kind. Our driving force is to cure chronic disease by getting rid of the cause, not just by managing the symptoms, through a healthy diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. The work that The Center for Prevention and CrossFit Instinct have done have brought real results in those we work with that and have given us confidence in our ability to get people healthy and out of the cycle of disease and medications to manage those diseases. 

Our community has greatly benefitted from the work we have done through the Fasters group, where we have seen the measurable changes brought through intermittent fasting. Taking hold of the concepts from Dr Jason Fung in The Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code, the members in the Fasters focus not just on what they are eating but when they are eating and keeping that to a shortened window. Coach Mark has been expanding the Fasters movement to their community. 

Our patients, gym members, and Fasters have lost almost 4,400 pounds of body fat and gained 670 pounds of muscle mass!! 

Those are just the people who have had two or more Inbody body composition tests within the year. The totals keep going up as new people come back for a second evaluation and the current members keep getting healthier. 

 It is truly amazing to see the change in a person as they become healthy again and stop taking insulin and blood pressure medications. That is why we are so excited for all the coaches at CrossFit Edwardsville, because they are going to get to experience the same results in front of their own eyes. It is a wonderful group of people at CrossFit Edwardsville and we have confidence that they will continue and expand the great work that they are doing. 

It takes a lot of people to make something like this work and become a force for good in the community. It takes dedicated coaches like Coach Mike and Mark to help lead and motivate other coaches in the gym. You have to find doctors who are willing to change their perception of chronic disease like Dr. Backs and Dr. Hillard Sembell to become a driving force at Instinct. Then you have to have owners able to see the benefit of a program like Longevity and who are able to foster a culture to allow it to thrive like Instinct's owners Tim and Molly Hahn and Edwardsville's owner Greg and Caroline Skelly.  Finally, it takes people willing to change and new members courageous enough to walk through the gym door and make a change. 

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