Skip Your Next Heart Attack!

The month of February is national heart disease awareness month. At The Center for Prevention: Heart Attack and Stroke, we want you to know that you don't have to have a heart attack, or a stroke for that matter. No matter how high your risk, we implement the effective, evidence based strategies that go beyond the standard of care based on the Bale-Doneen method, outlined in the book Beat the Heart Attack Gene.

Beat The Heart Attack Gene, by Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, ARNP, allows a new understanding of prevention of heart disease. It gives readers materials to show their doctors and ensure personalized and unique care based on their needs and risk factors. The authors provide insight as to how their method could prevent a recurrence of heart attack or stroke by identification of what could be triggering the disease.

We encourage you to check out that book, as well as our website and come see us to have an assessment. Learn if you have arteriole disease, and then learn how to best avoid the consequences.

You don't have to have a heart attack, you can skip it! 

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