Learn more about the first step of the Bale-Doneen Method

At the Center for Prevention, we believe that preventing heart attacks and stroke BEFORE tragedy strikes is not only possible, but a preferable way to address cardiovascular disease. 

The Bale-Doneen Method follows a 6 step process in assessing and treating patients to prevent heart attack and stroke.  The first step is Education, which is what this message will review in slightly more detail.

Eliminating Heart Attack and Stroke

Eliminating Heart Attack and Stroke

Heart attack and stroke kill more Americans than any other illness, despite the attention we give to high blood pressure, cholesterol and taking an aspirin daily.  The fact remains that our current approach to vascular disease still results in a 50% failure rate!  And the most typical scenario is without warning to the individual, who is in the prime of life and didn’t know of their disease. 

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