The Second Step of Process

The Healthy Business Prevention Program follows a 3 step process as we assess patients to determine their risk for heart disease or stroke.  The program is designed to:

For those patients who show onset of atherosclerosis, we move on to step 2, where we attempt to determine the causes of arterial disease.  We recognize that atherosclerosis can have many root causes, and by identifying the actual issues that might cause disease for each individual (rather than take a one size fits all approach), we are able to better treat the patient and prevent the onset of further disease. 


In this step, we perform several advanced lab tests, all based on blood draws, including reviewing the lipid panel, Apolipoprotein B, Lipoprotein(a), HbA1c (to detect diabetes and prediabetes), LpPLA2 ( to detect inflammation) and Vitamin D levels.  From these tests, we offer a consultation and make specific and individual recommendations.


We only administer follow up tests to those employees who have been identified as having a higher risk for heart attack or stroke.


Our goal is to save your human capital and preserve a healthy bottom line.

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