Can you avoid the danger of thrombolytic stroke?

Heart attack and stroke remain our most common causes of death and disability and always without warning. 

Here is an article critical of thrombolytic therapy in acute stroke:

Here is an article with the opposite point of view, touting its benefits:

A colleague recently had a heart attack 90 miles by secondary roads to get angioplasty to save his life.  The cost of the helicopter transport alone was $50,000!

Is there any question that optimal prevention, if effective and measurable, would be a better strategy to save lives, prevent disability, and dramatically lower costs?

How many of us would remove the batteries from our smoke detectors, store flammable fuels around sources of ignition and then rely on the fire department as our “out?”  And then debate about whether to let the house burn to the ground or risk getting contents wet by attacking the fire?

To find out more, go to and read “Beat the Heart Attack Gene” by Bradley Bale MD and Amy Doneen DNP, ARNP to learn about the Bale Doneen Method and optimal cost effective care to save lives and quality of life.

**Side effects include better health and function, happiness and mental clarity.  Results may vary but primarily due to inconsistent application of The Method and resistance from those who profit from our choice to be rescued.