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Every month we try to help those in our community with updates about what we are doing, discussions about health and preventative care, and resources to help guide people to a healthier lifestyle. We love to share the new and useful developments that we find as well as answering the questions that you have for us. The newsletter is our way to keep information to those we have met but may not have come through our doors as well as our patients.

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The Root Causes 

In this section we discuss the various root causes of inflammation that leads to arterial disease as laid out in The BaleDoneen Method and the book Beat the Heart Attack Gene. Breaking down the overall picture to focus on specific causes and what can be done about them is important for people to have actionable means to improve their health 


Books and Resources 

We will give you recommendations for books and other resrouces that we fidn interesting and can give you an insight into your health and why we beleive preventative are is the most important part of medicine. 


Testing and Results 

We will share information about new tests, new science, and new research as we come across it and implement it in our office. We want to keep everyone updated about new developments at The Center for Prevention and the BaleDoneen Method