Optimal means we look at every angle and address every potential root cause of chronic disease, including a deep look at how your genes affect optimal choices of foods, supplements and medication to maximize benefit and minimize risk.


The Center for Prevention Cure Chronic Disease Optimal Assessment

The Optimal Assessment bundle includes the features of the Comprehensive Assessment PLUS

  • My PGT Tm pharmacogenetic testing to guide medication and supplement safety and interactions ($800 if billed separately)

  • $250 credit to use at Crossfit Instinct Longevity or the fitness center of your choice

  • $100 credit for GudGut.Life meal program

  • Unlimited access to individualized nutrition counseling/support and InBody measurement for 6 months

  • Cost: Fee for Service or a bundled option with a $6000 maximum out of pocket offset by 3rd party payment for covered services (estimated 25% of cost covered by insurance, but personal costs still far less than the cost of a heart attack stroke or uncontrolled chronic disease)

Payment of at least 50% of the fee is requested at the time services are scheduled to encourage completion of the entire planned assessment and followup.

Once the evaluation is finished, an ongoing treatment plan is offered as part of an affordable, bundled payment plan.