Personalized Genomic Testing

Do you want truly Personalized Precision Care? 

We now offer Personalized Genomic Testing, including an interactive web portal that allows us to plug in information about your lifestyle, medical conditions, medications and supplements to correlate with a comprehensive genetic assessment for medication metabolism and influence on lifestyle choices. 

This powerful tool allows us to uncover potential risks from drug side effects and interactions that can affect you uniquely. Alternatives can be substituted to find the best fit for you, not just the average person.

This one time investment in your personal genetic profile and access to this tool can dramatically improve the precision of your care, taking the guesswork out of medication choices and assessment of side effects. 

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Pharmacogenetics is the study of how your genetics will regulate your response to different drugs and how your body will metabolize a drug. Personalized genomic testing allows a medical professional to prescribe the safest and most effective medication and dosage for a patient. This allows for precise and individualized dosing and gets away from the traditional prescribing of a standard treatment for everyone without regard to individual differences.

As we can see from the image below, a standard treatment plan is going to have different results depending on how each individual is going to respond to the medication and dosage. Knowing the best course of action improves patient care, minimizes potential drug interactions, and leads to better health for each patient.

pharmacogenetics groups.png

Treatment is then guided by knowing the proper medications and supplements to give as well as being able to determine the proper dosage for each patient. We each metabolize drugs differently. Proper dosage should be determined by how the patient will respond to a specific drug. This allows us to avoid many of the errors in traditional prescribing where a set dosage may be too low for one patient with no effect or too high for another person leading to unwanted side effects.

pharmacogenetics metabolizers.png