How Does The Center for Prevention work with my other doctors?

The Center for Prevention Cure Chronic Disease is a consultation service.  We collaborate with your primary care physician, dentist, periodontist and other providers to provide prevention focused care that reverses and even cures chronic diseases. 

We encourage you to maintain a relationship with your primary doctor in case you need care for unanticipated acute problems, vaccinations, screenings and other acute problems. 

We work to limit the need for interventional procedures.  If you maintain a relationship with an interventional cardiologist or vascular surgeon because of prior events or procedures, we encourage you to continue that relationship.  We will do our best to resolve the occasional conflict in recommendations.

We strive to go above and beyond to give you the optimal care and results focused on preventing and reversing chronic arterial disease, Type 2 Diabetes, prediabetes, and reducing the risk of dementia, cancer, depression and others.

The health care most of us know treats problems after they develop.  Even if your doctor would like to help you get healthier, the system in which most physicians practice does not empower them to do so.  They are not given the time, tools or information to help you get healthier.  The health care system is paid to manage, not cure, chronic disease.

The Center for Prevention business model is different.  Our incentive is for you to be as healthy as possible.  We design our processes and tools to be as cost effective as possible.  You can be healthy and live your life for you, not your health care provider. 

The Center for Prevention shares its recommendations and works with your current health care team.  We do our best to communicate clearly and resolve differences in approach.  Ultimately, we respect your choices in the uncommon event of differing opinions. 

Our recommendations are intended to make you healthy and resilient.  Some recommendations are “off label” but all are supported by scientific evidence and achieve results we measure and celebrate.