Arterial disease is reversible? What??!! 

We have been taught that arterial disease is progressive.  But we know that disease in your artery wall can be stabilized and healed so that it is no longer a threat to cause a catastrophic event!

Stents or surgery to open blocked arteries can save your life when prevention hasn't been successful.  But a more optimal reversal strategy is based on a foundation of optimal nutrition and exercise augmented with supplements and medication on a Personalized basis.  That is the difference in the Bale Doneen Method and its results in our Center for Prevention.   

The following are real examples showing the effectiveness of the our care. Our care is evidence based, including principles learned from the Bale Doneen Method, Crossfit, and references to fasting/time restricted feeding among others. 

Note the reduction in "arterial age."  Whatever the root causes being addressed, we expect to make your arteries healthier!  And healthier arteries mean a healthier you. 


Improvement from Genetic Based Prescribing 

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 9.33.23 AM.png

Improvement from Insulin Resistance focus and treatment 


Improvement from eliminating refined carbs and high intensity exercise alone 

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Improvement from better nutrition, exercise and medication 

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Approximately 6 months after removing refined carbohydrates from the diet of this "skinny fat" exercising vegetarian and convincing him to take a low dose statin 3 times weekly arterial age has dropped 16 years and plaque is stabilized.

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