The Center for Prevention is going to be running a series on News Channel 20’s Marketplace segment. We will be sharing links to all the clips here.

Dr Backs sat down with Mark Rabin to talk about his experience with the prevention model at The Center for Prevention. Mark has an amazing story about taking back his health and at 77 has gotten off his medications for diabetes and high blood pressure.
This video is about The Doc in the Box, Crossfit Instinct find out more at, and
Septuagenarian CrossFit coach Mike Suhadolnik had an idea to challenge doctors to set a better example for their patients and communities. Suhadolnik started a program called Doctors Get Fit at CrossFit Instinct in Springfield, Illinois, and he contacted Dr. Craig Backs. The coach asked the doctor for 90 days, and Backs was up for the task.
Septuagenarian CrossFit coach Mike Suhadolnik refuses to let his peers age gracefully. Read the accompanying article in The CrossFit Journal -- ( Mike Suhadolnik, a former offensive tackle and middle guard at Illinois State University, spent most of his life powerlifting. At this best, he benched 350, squatted 450 and deadlifted 550 lb.

Dr Backs sits down to talk with David Heaps, one of the patients at The Center for Prevention. They talk about what brought him to the clinic and his experience with arterial disease both personally and professionally

Dr. Craig Backs and 74-year-old CrossFit Instinct coach Mike Suhadolnik are on the show to discuss longevity, diabetes, obesity and the future of CrossFit. Sevan Matossian, Mike Suhadolnik, Dr. Craig Backs, Andréa Cecil, "Live to 100, Die on Your Feet," Gary Taubes, CrossFit Instinct, Greg Glassman, CrossFit Health, bariatric surgery, "Enhancing Fitness at Decatur Memorial," "The War of Art," Steven Pressfield, Tim Hahn, Molly Hahn, Josh Bridges, CrossFit Decatur, CDC, Coca-Cola.

Diabetes Cured

Articles and Resources 

BaleDoneen Method Videos - This link takes you to the youtube channel for BaleDoneen giving an in depth look at what this prevention movement is all about. 

BaleDoneen Method Experts Discuss President Trump and the Deadly Myth of "Nonclinical" Heart Disease - Press release from Brad Bale and Amy Doneen with Dr Backs talking about the level of care that the president is not getting from the medical staff around him. 

Are Your Arteries Healthy? - Craig A. Backs, MD, from the Center for Prevention Heart Attack and Stroke presents at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation on February 1, 2016.

The Fast Way to Health and Weight Loss - Article by Peter Glatz about the intermittent fasting group from Crossfit Instinct that we are working with to get rid of visceral fat. 

Live to 100, Die On Your Feet - Article by Crossfit about Coach Mike Suhadolnik and Crossfit Instinct's Longevity program 

Springfield doctor promotes method to intervene in heart disease- State Journal Register article about Dr Backs bringing the Bale Doneen Method to the Springfield area.